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 Our Development Squad Pathway is built for players who are competing, or looking to compete, in Junior Competition, tournaments etc. It is vital for the development of all players to have access to pathways in which players can aspire to progress thru. 

The DSP is a structured program to provide a more match-play based environment. More competitive, more intense, more players, and most of all more fun. ETA is committed in increasing the quality and passion amongst all players at MTC. 

The DSP is designed to compliment and help the players transition from structured (traditional) lesson format, to a more dynamic and open environment to fast-track the players showing ability in their current standards in which they train. These squads are to aid and compliment their existing lessons, so players have an opportunity to practice and develop technical skills acquired from lessons, and put these fundamentals in to a squad environment. Hence replicating real scenario match-play.  

The squad program is an invitation only program, and players will be invited when their coach deems necessary.

Players who are not currently training at ETA are able to join the DSP, and will need to arrange a trial through the tennis office to see what Tier of the program the coaches deem necessary.

Players who are invited or granted entry into the DSP will be required to train at least twice a week at the academy. We encourage the players to participate in more but that is up to the individuals. 


If you are looking to be part of the DSP please contact Kate in the tennis office to arrange a trial session on:

(03) 5975 6124 or email [email protected]




Monday & Thursday 5:00-6:30pm

90min squad

Aimed at players who are competing in Junior Competition, Senior Competition or Tournaments.

Suitable for juniors playing sections 1-4.


Monday & Thursday 5:00-6:30pm

90min squad 

Aimed at players who are competing in Junior Competition.

Suitable for juniors playing sections 5-7.


Thursday  5:00-6:30pm

90min squad 

Aimed at players who just starting out in Junior Competition.

Suitable for juniors playing sections 8-10 or ANZ Hot Shots Green Ball League.


Friday 5:00-6:00pm

60min Squad | Orange Ball

Aimed at players who are playing ANZ Hot Shots Orange Ball League (or looking to start playing).